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AlfalahCoin (ALF) is a new alternative crypto coin that uses X15 algorithm, initially launched as a CPU only coin, but GPU support was quickly added on even though the coin uses quite a lot of cryptographic algorithms altogether.AlfalahCoin is more efficient than every other algo with energy consumption and heat for miners. AlfalahCoin is the first CryptoCoin using the X15 algo implementation. our mission is to provide alternative currency for everyday use using new Algorithm called X15 which is scalable low cos and secure focusing on worldwide, where we help unbanked people manage their assets better Alfalahcoin will be the most used cryptocurrency in the world and you are here to be a part of it


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We take a client-oriented approach to dealing with client complaints. The processes of awareness, recognition, analysis, guiding, solution-finding, and client follow-up are managed in coin with the principles of transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, objectivism, confidentiality, and accountability. The information we gain from the process contributes to our aim of continuous improvement. We are continually improving our procedures by utilizing client and as well as suggestions from our other stakeholders.